Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Motorcycle Safety and Awareness

Naomi Loomis is a self employed independent consultant with many hobbies, including traveling and reading. One of her favorite pastimes is riding motorcycles with her husband, Stan. The duo has participated in many bike events throughout the years and are passionate about promoting bike safety and awareness.

As motorcycling is an increasingly popular sport, the department of transportation continually strives to improve highway safety. To aid in this effort, it is crucial that all motorists remain aware and alert; drive defensively; and look twice for cars, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. In addition, motorcyclists must be aware of potential hazards, be aware of blind spots, and remember that they are smaller and difficult to see.

Depending on the state, motorcyclists may not be required to wear a helmet, although they are encouraged. Recent statistics have shown that helmet use increased from 48% in 2005 to 67% in 2009. In addition helmets saved the lives of 1,829 individualized in 2008 alone.

Highway Safety Plans vary state to state but the typical plans that are implemented focus on:
  • Reducing impaired driving
  • Heightening the awareness of motorcycles on the road to all motorists
  • Increasing motorcycle rider education
  • Increasing maintenance practices, especially concerning construction
  • Increasing motorcyclist visibility, including maintaining generous following distance, wearing bright clothing, and avoiding car blind spots.

The month of May marks Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, as many riders including Naomi Loomis are finally hitting the open road. They are one of the most at risk vehicles for accidents and according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are five times are likely to be injured in a crash and 25 times more likely to die. With these statistics, it is crucial that everyone does their part to maintain safety for all.
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